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Frequently asked questions and help.

Why do I need to provide a username and password? Are my details passed to anyone else?
A unique username and password is required so that you can login to amend add or delete an advert via your individual control panel. If when registering the username is already in use try adding numbers to the name ie : "john007" It is free to register.
All details including e-mail addresses are not passed onto any other organisation. All details are used only for the running of this site.
Why can I only place numbers in the price column in the advert?
The prices that appear in the "price" column of the advert are numbers only, as these figures are used by the site to search for adverts by price.
How can I show that the price is open to offer?
To show the price is open to offers add the price to the "details" of your advert eg £15,000 ono. No words can be added to the "price" column of the advert.
Do I need to prepare the photos before I add them to the advert?
All photos submitted via the advert form are automatically reduced to a size suitable for publishing on the site. However if the files or photo size are too large you may experience problems uploading the photosand obtian a "Internal Server Error". We therefore suggest that in order that the photos upload easily from the advert form and download quickly when viewing the advertisement, that photos submitted are no larger than 640 x 480 pixels and have a small file size. To view more about this click here
I Get an error message after I try to upload my advert.
If you get an error message after you try to upload your advert it is most probably that the photos used are of too large a file size for the server to cope with. By reducing the size of the photos the advert should now upload - details as above or click here
How do I amend or delete my advert?
Your unique username and password chosen by you is e-mailed to you when you register. Use these details as an existing advertiser to login via the "Advertise" or "Login" buttons. Your control panel will show you all the adverts you have on the site. The advert can be deleted, or details amended or photos added/amended via this control panel.
How can I search for items by price?

At the top of all column advert lists there are two buttons Order descending these arrange the column by ascending and descending values. For instance by clicking on the decending button in the "Price" column all items will be listed by descending price.
Clicking on the "Search" Button a more advanced search can be made using criteria such as Make, Price, Area, Number of berths etc.

How do I find and retrieve my login details - username and password?
Go to the login page at : At the bottom of the page enter either your email address or password and click "Send me my password" button. An email containing your username and password will automatically be sent to your registered email address.

Please read our terms and conditions and note that "all transactions are between the buyer and the seller. will not be involved in any way." Certain guidelines are however worth following regards buying.

With all sales check that the person selling is the owner of the item. With Caravans and Motorhomes a HPI check can be made with CRIS. This will check whether any outstanding finance is owed, or the vehicle is stolen or been written off in an insurance claim. Also check that all chassis numbers match any documentation and with Motorhomes that a MOT is valid (if needed)
Check also with Static Caravans that the person selling is the owner and no outstanding fees are owed to the site owner. Check to see if permission to sell the caravan has been given by the site owner and also the terms and conditions should you wish to keep or move the caravan from the site.
Check when the "van" was last serviced and when gas and electrical appliances were last checked by a qualified person.

Please read our guide This also gives information about any dubious email offers that you may receive.


We manually check every advert before it is made live on the site but if you believe any advert to be of a dubious nature please contact us and we shall add the email address to our list to be found here